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Ceramist Designer

Esthetic eye in constant search of the exceptional in each object,

Native of the Rhone-Alpes region in France, since childhood Anaïs has been immersed in art, start to the violin, sculpture, watercolor, analog photography… In her studies of applied art, she approaches collage, papier mache and sculpture, she understands that she needed to be connected to materials such as plaster and clay.


After somes travel in Europe, North America and Japan; after years of cruising the ceramic, the need to slow down and anchor was felt as a sign of life. The click happened during his first wheel session: hypnotic…


The wheel was the serious starting point of her relationship with clay. After training with Cécile Tsaousoglou and graduated of National Vocational Qualification in ceramic wheel in Antibes and Vallauris, she flew to the Cyclades to learn about the art of the tableware and glazes. Through this overwhelming encounter and with a present moment objective, she decides to explore her own inspirations, the starting point of her flight.

Her training brought her rigor in classic forms and serial work, which gave her the opportunity to collaborate with restaurants, florists, but she is also driven by the creation of accidental forms, likes to break codes and standards in ceramics in order to get closer to design, naive art and interior decoration, worlds that have always fascinated her.

Through his contemporary sandstone pieces, he emerges a minimalist work around light, Mediterranean objects and an attraction for the representation of bodies.



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